OTM - Is there a price to pay for seriously serving Yahweh 09-20-18

September 22, 2018

This week on Opposing The Matrix we explored what seems to be the reality that those who seriously serve YHVH tend to be the focus of God's enemy yet we feel spurred on to continue to run the race to the end.


OTM - Who are the sons of God Part 3 09-12-18

September 20, 2018

Tonight on Opposing The Matrix we concluded the series with a scripture based proposition that is very controversial. Again I must stress that you listen to the first two talks in the series before you listen to this one. Tonight's show might be confirmation to researchers in the subject of the Nephilim and their fathers. The talk might spur you on to want to research more on your own and we welcome that idea. Always check what you are told using Biblical Scripture as the litmus test. Some might not choose to consider what we have presented and that is perfectly well also. Perhaps someday in the future you'll recall tonight's radio talk and it will mesh with what you behold with your eyes and ears in regard to situations at that time.


OTM - Who are the sons of God - Dimensions as they apply to quantum physics Part 2 09-07-18

September 20, 2018

On this episode:  Jim, Dave and Erik talked about Dimensions as They Apply To Quantum Physics. This talk is part two in a series that will culminate in something that we want to present that we feel is important and might be something that you as a believer in the truth, and people that have knowledge of the Sons of God mentioned in Genesis, Chapter Six might have asked yourself but not had the nerve to let it go farther than that. Please be patient as we lay the groundwork and prep for what some might consider controversial. Like any idea, it has to be backed up by scripture and seeds can only be planted when the soil is prepared correctly.


OTM - Who Are The Sons Of God Part 1 of 3 - 08-23-18

September 7, 2018


We explored the nature of God living outside of space/time and we explored in part dimensional physics, explaining that when we look at linear time we do not fully understand how God sees things and how he operates in His Heaven and in our linear time. This is part one of a three part or more series, a sort of primer that will help to lead up to and explain the final show in the series. It is imperative that people follow the series step by step to understand what will be presented at the end.


OTM - Watch Out Watchers - Continued 08-16-18

August 18, 2018

Thursday the 16th of August on OPPOSING THE MATRIX

This last Thursday Jim, Dave and Erik talked more about the care that true Watchmen must take in order to bring a message of fidelity to the Church and to unbelievers. We talked about scriptural requirements for true Watchmen and we talked about the penalty for those who claim to be watchmen but are wolves in sheep's clothing.


OTM - Watch out watchmen 08-09-18

August 13, 2018

On Opposing the Matrix Dave and Erik talked about Warning The Watchers to Watch Out. We talked about the secular watchers, such as the government officials and then segued into corrupt watchers within the Body of Mashiach. You can download the show by clicking on the link below or by downloading it from GWOW Radio's archive page


OTM - What On Earth Is Going On In Antarctica 08-02-18

August 4, 2018

Tonight on Opposing The Matrix Jim and Dave explore what in earth is happening in Antarctic. We went into a history of Antarctica, from the beginning to our present day.


OTM - Various Topics with Jim, Dave and Erik Smith 07-26-18

July 29, 2018

Tonight on Opposing the Matrix Dave and Jim are joined by Erik Smith, a long time friend and associate. We talked about Time Suspension and manipulation, the Nazi/Nephilim connection, Antarctica and prepping our families for the coming hard times. Click on the link below to download the show or go to GWOW Radio's link page where it will be posted soon.


OTM - Dave and Jim New Debut Show 07-18-18

July 20, 2018

A while back Jim Wilhelmsen and I felt like we were being led down different ministry paths. Recently it was revealed to each of us separately that we are supposed to join forces once again to host Opposing The Matrix.

Tonight's show was a debut of sorts, a reintroduction of Jim to the show. We talked about many subjects, too many to list here. This show is just short of three hours long.