OTM - Diversity Liberal Hostility Election Hacking 12-13-2016

December 26, 2016

Opposing The Matrix -  Show originally live on 12/13/2016. 


OTM - Lets Talk About The Tradition Of Christmas 12-06-16

December 7, 2016

OPPOSING THE MATRIX - Tonight Kristin and I will be talking about the upcoming Christian Holiday of Christmas. Is Christmas in our current day celebrated in a corrupted manner? Should Christmas be celebrated at all? Are there pagan elements to Christmas? Did the Church always celebrate Christmas? When was Yeshua really born?

We want our listeners to know that we aren't broadcasting tonight to bash our brothers in Messiah. We just want to explore all of the controversy that has arisen about celebrating the birth of our Savior and Redeemer. We will approach this subject with an open mind and pray that our listeners do the same. We realize many people are sensitive where this subject is concerned and we hope to present and ponder the questions above and other questions with love and compassion as well as truth and fidelity.

Archives of the show will be found at our archive site which can be accessed at delusionresistance.org and opposingthematrix.com as well as on GWOW Radio and subsidiaries of GWOW Radio.


OTM - Cerns Occult Connection and Koranimal Plan Backfires 11-29-16

December 5, 2016

Opposing the Matrix - OTM - Cerns Occult Connection and Koranimal Plan Backfires 11-29-16


OTM - Trump and Josiah - Cautious Anticipation 11-15-16

December 5, 2016

Opposing The Matrix - OTM - Trump and Josiah - Cautious Anticipation 11-15-16


OTM - Black Eye Children What or Who are They 11-01-2016

November 10, 2016


Have you ever heard of the Black Eyed Children, often referred to BEK's? They're creepy human looking creatures with pasty skin, a flat affect and black eyes, totally black, even the sclera. They try to enter homes and/or cars using various excuses.

Tonight we will look at quite a few Black Eye Children stories and see if we can figure out who these beings are.


OTM - Who Is George Soros 10-11-2016

November 10, 2016

Discussion: Who is George Soros


OTM - Is There A Secret Cern Facility 11-08-2016

November 10, 2016

Today on Opposing The Matrix we will talk more about CERN. We will explore the notion that there might be a secret CERN that operates in conjunction with the CERN in Europe; a CERN that is a counterbalance of the known CERN.

We'll also try to keep you informed of Election Results.

One thing that I have to firmly ask is that since Opposing The Matrix tonight will coincide with the casting of ballots, that you please go to vote if you haven't voted yet. You can always download the archived copy later on. Your vote might be one of the votes that makes the difference between a return to freedom or our nation entering the darkest period of its history EVER.

One more thing. Please bow your head with a humble and contrite spirit today. Pray for Yahweh's Will in our nation's time of need and salvation. Trump is a good choice, but Yahweh is the one who controls everything and we want His Will and His Will only.


OTM - Who or what are the Indigo Children 09-27-16

September 28, 2016

Back in 2006 I researched a phenomenon called Indigo Children. Since that time opinions have changed in regard to these children. Who are they? What are they? Are they the next step in human evolution? Are they known by any other names? Listen in tonight as David and Kristen talk about this subject.


OTM - Sophism in the Flat Earth Theology

September 16, 2016

Tonight we will finish up on the whole Flat Earth Notion Debacle. Tonight we'll look at how sophism fits into the Flat Earth Notion and we will talk about one or two of the most popular users of sophism in the Christian research community. We will also look at Islam's use of sophism and the comparisons that exist within the two philosophies where sophism is concerned.

We'll also look at this whole thing with Hitlery Clinton and her health. Is she on the fast track to hell or will she pull through to good health. What will happen election wise if she does bite the Gehenna Big Enchilada?


OTM - Debunking The Flat Earth Part Two 09-06-16

September 9, 2016

Last week I talked about the ridiculousness of the Flat Earth Notion. I've been resourcing from an article that I posted on my blog at the Delusion Resistance. I only got half way through what I wanted to present. This Tuesday I'll complete my mission to show how utterly lacking this NOTION is. I refuse to call it a theory or a hypothesis, because both require proof.

If we have time then I want to talk about how the Flat Earth Notion is setting people up for ecumenism and how the apostles of the Flat Earth Notion are conditioning people to believe the great delusion. I hope you can listen live, but if not the archives can be found on GWOW Radio and ALL of the show's archives can be found by clicking on links at both the delusionresistance.org and opposingthematrix.com.

The show starts at 6PM Pacific and 9PM Eastern. Listen in by clicking on the link below: