OTM - Are Palestinians Really Canaanites 03-01-18

March 11, 2018

On Opposing The Matrix we looked further at reverse apartheid being practiced in South Africa with the proclamation of the S.A. governing body that they were going to confiscate the property of white S.A. residents without paying reparations. In addition the focus of the talk last night was the new Palestinian claim that they are really descended from the ancient Canaanites of Israel. We looked at how that is genealogically impossible and that if it were to be true then the Palestinians would not have a claim to the land, but would have to be slaves to the Jewish and Arab Israeli's as well as the rest of the world. Download and listen to the show by clicking on the link below or by going to our archive page on GWOW Radio.


OTM - Is the Time of Reckoning Here - Sedition Treason and Military Tribunals 02-05-18

February 6, 2018

Yesterday I was forwarded some information that seems to indicate that the process is moving forward involving trying the Clintons, Obama's and others on charges of sedition and treason and that these trials would be held under a military court, which would be appropriate because military courts adjudicate such cases. I read the information that I was given and talked about it a bit.

In addition, I talked about Orbs at Bethel Redding and also included a sound file from a wonderful website that I cited on the show. I hope that you enjoy this show. Please click below to download the show and/or go to GWOW Radio's archive site so that you can download it there.


OTM - Recovery and is Israel an Apartheid State 01-31-18

February 6, 2018

Tonight on Opposing The Matrix I talked about my continued healing process and about some news items. The crux of the show was a study into the question of whether or not Israel is an Apartheid State as so many are claiming. Listen in to see why that claim is impossible. Click below to download the show or you can go to the Delusion Resistance website to download it from our archive page. In addition, you can go to GWOW Radio where they have it archived.


OTM - Back from what seemed like certain demise 01-23-18

January 24, 2018

Tonight on Opposing The Matrix I talked about why I haven't been on the air for more than two weeks. In addition, I discussed the attack on the USS Liberty in 1977, using official statements by both the Israeli and US Governments saying that it was an error in judgment on both sides. This is an attempt to bring civil talk to a conspiracy theory that badmouths's Israel and makes it look like the attack was a deliberate attack on the US Navy.


OTM - New Charismaniac Game The Angels Talk Board (Ouija) 01-04-2018

January 6, 2018

Tonight I discussed the Charismatic Movement and it's ties with the Kundalini Spirit. I talked about the new craze that Bethel Redding is endorsing and that is Angels Talk Boards, which is nothing but Ouija in disguise.


OTM - Destin Cards and Christ Alignment 12-20-17

December 22, 2017

On Opposing The Matrix I explored a new abomination that is being practiced by Bethel Redding Church and others in the Charismaniac movement. Now they are using what is in effect "Christian Tarot Cards" to "help" the Holy Spirit to tell a person about their life and/or what lies in store for them in the future. In addition, and not spoken about on the show, they are using what is in effect Christian Quiga boards, renamed as "Angel's Speak" boards. I'm not kidding folks, really I am not.

This New Age concept is being done to bring people into ChristAlignment, which in New Age terms is to bring people closer to a proper "vibration" with the Cosmic Christ, known to New Agers as Nirvana or the Brahman, all concepts of Hinduism and Buddhism. Uninformed Christians buy into this because they do not know the truth about what is going on in the modern day "Church," and it is a road that leads to destruction and a road that gets farther and farther away from the Biblical Jesus.


OTM - To flu shot or not to flu shot that is the question 12-13-17

December 14, 2017

Should we get the flu shot or should we decline? Take a look at what is in the flu shot and you'll be horrified. See how mercury affects your body and just how much mercury is in a current flu shot. You make the decision.


OTM - Are You Affluent or Effluent in your Faith in Yeshua 12-06-17

December 11, 2017


Today on Oppposing The Matrix I asked the question, "Is your faith in Yeshua affluent or effluent?" There is a lot to consider. I also recorded live the audio from President Trump's speech and signing of the order to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv and Trump's Declaration that the US recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's true capital.


OTM - Khazar the code name for Zionist 11-29-17

November 30, 2017

Tonight on Opposing The Matrix I talked about how The Protocols of The Elders of Zion is a fake work and how modern people who hate Jews are using the word Khazar to refer to Zionists. I explained the false notion of a Zionist and what a real Zionist is.


OTM - Not a Demon Under Every Rock 11-22-17

November 27, 2017

Last night on Opposing The Matrix I discussed the faulted notion that Christians have to look for demons under every rock and in fact, many of our faults result from living in the flesh. In addition, I talked about people making a big deal over normal weather and attributing so many things to weather corruption via Chemtrails. I also addressed some current events.