OTM - The Las Vegas Shooting and Planet X Possibilities 10-03-17

October 5, 2017


Yes, we mourn the deaths and injuries of so many people that occurred in Las Vegas yesterday. At the same time, there have been so many inconsistencies in the story and so much disinformation spread that many questions have to be asked. Tonight I addressed many of those inconsistencies and perhaps left more questions than answers but one thing is clear, there was more than one shooter and they didn't shoot from the higher floors. Listen to the show and judge for yourself.

In addition, I addressed even further what might be causing the strange events that have been happening to the earth. Is there a celestial object that is messing with our sun and causing the Earth to wobble? Also, I played an audio/video by Dr. Claudia Albers that shows that there is an object near the Sun that is causing havoc in our solar system and on earth.

This is an edited edition. I fell asleep during Dr. Alber's interview and had a long period of dead air that has been edited out. Many thanks to Adobe Audition. 


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